Moxxie invests in founders who make life and work better.

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Support exceptional founders who build products that matter.

Who we are

We're an agile and mighty network of investors and operators.

Katie Jacobs Stanton

Katie is the Founder and General Partner of Moxxie Ventures

Prior to Moxxie, Katie served in numerous executive operating roles at Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and Color. She has led teams in marketing, comms, recruiting, product and media. In addition to working in Silicon Valley, Katie served in the (Obama) White House and State Department and began her career as a banker at JP Morgan Chase. Katie sits on the Board of Vivendi, a French multinational media company headquartered in Paris, and previously served on the Board of Time Inc.  Katie started her venture career as a Founding Partner of #Angels and has invested in 50 early-stage companies including Airtable, Cameo, Carta, Coinbase, Literati, Modern Fertility, Shape Security and Threads.

Alex Roetter

Alex is the General Partner at Moxxie Ventures.

Alex is an engineer, leader, investor and aviator, and loves bringing new products and services to life. Alex was formerly the President of Kitty Hawk (an eVTOL company) and was previously the SVP of Engineering at Twitter. Alex has over a decade of experience investing in and advising early to late stage private companies, including Coinbase, Mainstreet, Nuro, Sauce Labs, Digits, Caption Health, and Certn. He is the co-chair of the Visible Fellowship Advisory Committee, and an observer on their Board of Directors. Alex started his career as a software engineer at Google and various other early startups.



#ANGELS is an investment collective whose mission is to get more women on the cap table of successful companies. #ANGELS has invested in over 120 early-stage companies and is a powerful network of advisors for Moxxie Ventures.

Moxxie Ventures is proud to be backed by an all-star roster of Institutions, Entrepreneurs, Operators and Investors including:

Bain Capital Ventures
Bloomberg Beta
Carta Ventures
Equity Alliance Fund
Foundry Group
Gingerbread Capital
Global Endowment Management
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Industry Ventures
Plexo Capital
Rock Creek Group
Sapphire Partners

Sumit Agarwal
Gina Bianchini
Francoise & Bill Brougher
David Fischer
Vijaya Gadde
Katie Haun
Aileen Lee
Jana Messerschmidt
Jackie Reses
Chris & Crystal Sacca
Tina Sharkey
Gregg Spiridellis
April Underwood
Ev Williams
Anne & Susan Wojcicki
Jerry Yang

How we work

Moxxie brings operating experience, a diversified network and heart to every investment.


Capital is critical but it's a commodity. There are a lot of places to get money. It’s what we deliver once the capital is deployed that makes us unique.

Operating Experience

We’ve led teams in product, engineering, marketing, PR, business development and people. We want to leverage those experiences and perspectives to help founders at the earliest stage.


We are part of a unique network of founders, operators, investors and policy makers that work in partnership to make a positive impact in business and in our community.


We’ve poured our hearts into creating products that matter, building teams, finding product-market fit, fighting for growth, and expanding internationally. We want to bring that same unflinching determination to your success.


We're open-minded and bet on tenacious, unbreakable founders across sectors including...







We're just getting started, but here's who we love so far...

Vectors by

August Health is a digital platform that improves care for elders and strengthens the caregivers who support them.

Vectors by

Autocloud is visualized infrastructure management.

Vectors by

Blueprint Power turns buildings into power plants

Vectors by

Carta helps companies and investors manage their cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans.

Vectors by

Certn is a people-data platform that provides near real-time background checks.

Vectors by

Clubhouse is a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations.

Vectors by

Daily is a video chat API that allows customers to integrate video into their product.

Vectors by

Digital Brain is Superhuman for customer support.

Dreambound creates upward mobility for American job seekers and simplifies hiring for employers.

Elpha is an online community where women navigate careers.

FurSure is a simplified pet insurance marketplace.

HiHo is a video communication platform that connects people with shared interests around great conversations.

Honeycomb Labs is a consumer software service that empowers families to share the logistics of parenting across dense, trusted communities.

Nearby is an online marketplace for every town.

Loom is an education and community platform for women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Pesto is a marketplace and community of developers.

PlusPlus is an enterprise solution for Learning and Development.

Pluto is a virtual event platform that combines spatial video and 3D worlds to create interactive and memorable events that feel like the real world.

Vectors by

Purple Dot is a dynamic pricing platform.

Scribe is an AI meeting assistant that enables you to actively listen and participate in conversations without stopping to take notes.

Sellerant is an AI enabled Customer Success Platform built to optimize upsell opportunities.

Sesh is a new platform to make meetings inclusive, engaging, and efficient.

Superpeer is a platform where users can book a one-on-one video call with the world’s best experts, influencers, and professionals.

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